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Using a multi-disciplinary approach to wellness and the treatment of pain and dysfunction while improving your quality of life.

Jacky Groenewegen, Mindful Wellness Massage & Bodywork & Mindful Wellness Medical Thermography, offers both massage and thermography a state-of the-art procedure in the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio area.

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The services and modalities offered at Mindful Wellness Massage & Bodywork can help with:

Chronic Pain Stress Frozen shoulder Arthritis TMJ dysfunction Rehabilitation Increased circulation Sciatica Anxiety Reduction Fibromyalgia Cellulite Pregnancy support and discomfort Chronic fatigue Detoxification of the body Reduction of excess fluid retention

Increased vitality Hypertension Swelling Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Muscle tension, pain and stiffness Immune system stimulation Headaches Premenstrual syndrome Depression Increased flexibility Support through life-stages Inflammation Reduction of scar tissue Support through healing process

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Mindful Wellness Massage & Bodywork

Mindful Wellness Medical Thermography
8859 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd., Suite #007
West Chester, OH  45069

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Jacky Groenewegen
Licensed Massage Therapist & Thermographer

Certified PACT Facility.  For more information about PACT visit www.BTIScan.com
(513) 382-3132 phone or (877) 315-7226 Ext. 452 toll-free
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Jennifer Concannon
Marketing and Customer Relations Manager
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